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Alamo Mini-Storage at 2339 Innovation Blvd, Hutto, TX 78634

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Storage With Genuine Texas Hospitality

Quality care from local storage experts combined with modern storage amenities you’ll love!

Pest Control

Pest control keeps your storage unit clean and your belongings safe from damage

Resident Manager

Our resident manager lives on-site and is here to help

Competitive Rates

Quality units at prices that compete with anyone in the area

Excellent Customer Service

Our storage experts deliver the service you deserve

Gate Access

Convenient gated access that keeps out unwanted visitors

Online Payments

Easily pay online from your home PC or smartphone

Storage Units Near You Off of US 79

Located just south of Texas State Technical College on Innovation Blvd

We’re happy to provide the storage units you need in the Hutto, TX, area. Our goal is to provide modern storage solutions at affordable rates. 

We also strive to do it by providing the kind of true Texas hospitality you can only get from locals of the area! 

Our self storage facility features a wide range of storage types, including drive-up, climate-controlled, combination drive-up AND climate-controlled, and even parking for boats and RVs. 

Let our local team welcome your items home and deliver the service you deserve!

Meet the Managers - Wade and Sonya

Wade and Sonya have been with Alamo for over a decade! They love meeting new people, and they enjoy helping potential tenants problem solve to meet their storage needs.  

We are so glad to have had Wade and Sonya in our Alamo family for so long! Stop by our Hutto location for your storage needs, and while you’re there, ask Wade about his hidden drawing and woodworking talents!

Find Storage Units in Hutto

Making your life easier with great service and affordable storage

Alamo Mini-Storage of Hutto is located just south of Texas State Technical College. 

Our blend of modern storage features and classic Texas values makes us confident you’ll find the service you deserve here in Hutto. 

We offer a wide range of storage types and sizes, so find the solution that fits your self storage needs and start renting with ease today!

  • South of Texas State Technical College
  • South of East Williamson County Higher Education Center
  • Northeast of US 79 and SH Toll Road 130
  • West of downtown Hutto & the Silos
  • East of the Round Rock Walmart
  • Next door to Techline Pipe

Our Storage Units in Hutto, TX

The best storage in town backed by the best local service in town

Local Texas Roots

Alamo Mini-Storage is owned and operated by locals with a deep history in the area. This means you’re storing with folk who understand your needs and situation. Better yet, you’ll always experience genuine Texas hospitality.

Regular Pest Control

Pest control helps keep unwanted critters away from the property you’re storing. This creates a better storage experience for all our customers.

Drive-Up Access Units

Pull right in off Innovation Boulevard and up to your self storage unit’s door for all your loading and unloading purposes. No carrying heavy items back and forth to and from a parking lot.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Want to protect your belongings against the changes between blazing heat and freezing cold? As Texans, we understand the area’s weather—especially the hot summer days. Our climate-controlled self storage units feature regulated temperatures to counter the weather outside.

Drive-Up & Climate Control Combo

Get the best of both worlds. Pull your vehicle up to your self storage unit’s door AND enjoy the added protection of climate control.

Boat & RV Storage

Have a boat, camper, RV, or other vehicle you can’t (or don’t want to) store in your driveway at home? Our storage facility in Hutto, TX, has the space you need with month-to-month rentals.

Self Storage Tips in Hutto

We’re always happy to help our local Texas communities with their storage needs. Find advice for packing your items and organizing your storage unit right here!

See More Tips
Bedding, Clothing, Curtains, Drapes and Linens

Fabric items like clothing, curtains and drapes are best if stored on hangers. If hanging cartons are not available, such items should be carefully folded and stored in dresser drawers or cedar chests along with bedding and linens.


A refrigerator or freezer should be thoroughly dry and stored with its door slightly ajar. Some goods can be stored inside large appliances. Be sure to make a note if you place anything inside. Boxes can be stacked on top of stoves, refrigerators, and freezers. Make sure that stoves and cooking equipment are clean and dry before you pack them.

Dishes and Glassware

Place a layer of packing inside the bottom and the top of boxes containing glassware. All glass items should be individually wrapped: nest cups and bowls together and stand plates, saucers, and platters on their edge. Wrapped glasses should be placed near the top of cartons. Again, fill all open pockets with packing paper. Label all boxes containing glassware and do not place heavy items on top.


Place a pallet, corrugated cardboard mat, or plastic sheet on the floor before placing furniture. If possible, stand sofas and mattresses on end. Disassemble beds and tables and wrap table legs in paper. If a table will not disassemble, place padding on the floor and place the table on its top with the legs pointing up. Use dresser tops for stacking cartons and dresser drawers for linens or small, delicate items. Keep upholstery off the floor. Most lightweight chairs can be stacked “seat to seat” or placed upside down on tables, which cannot be disassembled. Finally, place a light cotton dust cover, such as a bed sheet, over your furniture.

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