Does your business need storage space for inventory?

Storage Basics

March 28th, 2023

Storage space isn’t just an extra attic for grandmas or an extra garage for dads where items are unorganized and piled high. An offsite storage unit can be a storage space for inventory that houses equipment and supplies for interior designers, event planners, professional organizers, and many more professional services.

Storage Space for Interior Designers

Whether they are working for residential or commercial clients, interior designers need a space dedicated to their supplies, surplus housewares, fabrics, extra furniture pieces and other items. When designing an entire home or office space, especially those spaces that are still under construction, some interior designers use a storage unit to collect the purchases they make on behalf of their clients. The storage unit is then emptied and refilled with every design project.
For future design projects, designers will often collect unique pieces of furniture they find, or items they might buy in bulk or on sale. This collection isn’t something most designers can accommodate in their homes or garages. That’s why a storage space for inventory makes so much sense. And when a storage unit is organized properly, there’s no reason why specific inventory can’t be located and removed quickly with little hassle.

How Event Planners Use a Storage Unit

Similar to interior designers, event planners need a storage space for inventory such as tablecloths, napkins, chairs, place settings, candles, lighting, stage decor, and more. While many items used at events come from equipment rental companies, there are often special furnishings or decor that event planners like to keep on hand to customize their client’s event.
Cabinets can be used to line a storage unit and filled with fasteners, ties, ribbons, sewing equipment and more so that event planners are prepared when creating a special atmosphere for their events. Specialized seating, like barstools, or podiums can be stored for use at speaking events or presentations.

Professional Organizers Use Storage Space

Since the heyday of Tupperware, storage containers have been a hit for homeowners. There’s something so pleasing to the eye to see items stored in a uniform manner using functional and efficient storage containers. And when items are properly stored, with everything in its place, a calming and inviting home atmosphere can be fully enjoyed by all members of the family.
For professional organizers who buy storage bins and specialized furniture, using a storage space for inventory makes good sense. Plastic bins, labels, labelmakers, markers, trash bags and all manner of organizational tools can be stored inside a storage unit for easy access and repeated use.

How a Handyman Uses Storage Space

Sometimes you need more than a garage to house your equipment, especially if that equipment is smelly, dirty, and loud. For many handymen, they need more space than their garage and work truck to store table saws, wiring, conduit, wrenches, power tools, fasteners, and any other equipment they need on a jobsite.
Properly setting up a storage unit for inventory helps a handyman know quickly where his equipment is and allows him the ability to move equipment in and out without disturbing neighbors or his own household.

Storage Space for Inventory

Whether you sell a service like interior design, or a product like water bottles, using a storage space for inventory can help you fulfill orders and perform your job efficiently. With storage units ranging in size from 5’ by 5’ to 10’ by 30’, there’s sure to be a solution at Alamo Mini-Storage for anything you need to store. Don’t let your work inventory pile up in your home. Contact one of our 7 locations in south Texas and find a solution that fits your needs!