How to Keep Your Children’s Mementos without the Clutter

Storage Basics

November 6th, 2023

Children grow up so fast, and as they do, they create a treasure trove of memories along the way. Artwork. School projects. School pictures. School projects. Test papers. Recital programs. Sports rosters. The list goes on and on and on.

As parents, we cherish these keepsakes because they are snapshots of milestones – things we never want to forget. However, keep it all, and you will find your home bursting at the seams with cherished children’s items. How can we strike a balance between holding onto these precious memories and avoiding clutter? We have some creative solutions just for you:

1. Digital Storage: Scan and Preserve

In this digital age, there's no need to keep every physical piece of artwork or school project. Using a scanner or even the camera on your phone, you can:

  • Scan or photograph each piece.
  • Organize digital copies in folders by year or grade.
  • Store them in cloud storage or an external hard drive so you don’t lose them if (or when) your computer crashes.
This method saves physical space, keeps everything organized, and ensures these memories are preserved and protected from aging when exposed to the elements.

2. Create an Art Keepsake Book

It’s simple to turn your child's artwork and projects into a beautifully bound book by using online services that specialize in custom photo or memory books.

  • Select a favorite piece of artwork for each year and highlight it.
  • Add in pictures of your child from that year. Include special friends or teachers.
  • Create captions with special moments or milestones from the year.
Not only are you minimizing clutter, but you are also creating a cherished book for your children to flip through now and later with their families.

3. Design a Rotating Gallery Wall

Dedicate a wall in your home to display your child’s latest creations:

  • Use frames that allow for easy swapping of contents.
  • Rotate the artwork regularly, showcasing new pieces as they come in.
  • Every few months, select one or two to save long-term and switch out the rest.
It’s fun for your children to share their artwork with visitors and to stop and remember their favorite pieces.

4. Create a Memory Box for Each Child

Choose a sturdy storage box for each child, label it with their name, and add the most special pieces to the box throughout the year.

At the end of each school year, go through the box with your child and decide together what to keep and what to part with.

This not only saves space but also gives your child a sense of ownership and understanding of the value of memories.

5. Craft with Art

Instead of stashing everything away, why not reuse some of that artwork in craft projects?

  • Turn drawings into greeting cards for family members.
  • Create custom wrapping paper for gifts.
  • Make collages or scrapbook pages that combine various pieces into one.
This is a great way to share their artwork and make it into something functional.

6. Share with Others

Your child's art can bring joy to others as well:

  • Turn artwork into cards that can be sent to nursing homes or hospitals.
  • Mail artwork to distant relatives or friends as a cheerful surprise. Add in a “Just Thinking About You” note.
  • Host an "art show" night with close family and friends. Line your walls with their artwork, put a little description below each painting, and have each person walk through the gallery at their own pace. At the end, your child can gift some pieces to those in attendance.
7. Invest in Quality Storage Solutions

For the items you choose to keep, ensure they're stored safely. Consider climate-controlled storage units for your memory boxes. Then, pass them to your children as they establish their own homes.

Preserving memories doesn’t have to mean keeping every single item your child brings home. With a bit of creativity and organization, you can capture the essence of their childhood without overwhelming your living space. Remember, it's the memories and the stories behind the mementos that matter most, not the physical items themselves.

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