How to Organize Your Garage

Storage Basics

March 8th, 2022

It’s true, some people seem to enjoy organizing more than others. If you’re one of those people, you’re going to love every minute of this process to organize your garage. If you feel like you’re not an organized person by nature, we have good news! You can become organized. The even better news? Once you invest the time it takes to create a place for every item within your space, it’s so much easier to stay organized.
Do you need to organize your garage? If so, you’re not alone. The garage is where many of us unload our cars, keep our bikes, store holiday decor, and keep our tools. It’s an easy area to overlook because it’s not typically a focal point of the home. Plus, throwing things into the garage when we need to make space in our living area is often the quickest solution. Out of sight, out of mind. Right? Sure. Until your car doesn’t fit inside the garage anymore.
If you’re ready to organize your garage but feel a little overwhelmed, the best way to get started is by following a plan. Below you will find our best tips on how to organize your garage.

Step 1: Sort It Out

Out of sight, out of mind can only last for so long until the clutter becomes the only thing that you do see. So, now that you are looking, it’s time to assess everything that has accumulated and start sorting your things into piles. Group similar things together; this will help you down the line.
Things to Group Together:
Seasonal Items
Bulk Household Supplies
Sports Equipment
Auto Tools and Supplies
Bikes and Scooters
Tools and Woodworking
Gardening and Yard Tools

Step 2: Say Goodbye

When you get to the point where you acknowledge that you have too much stuff, things need to go, and you’re ready to make a change, then this is the best time to start purging. During everyday life, we might be too busy to make decisions about where things should go (and we may not be ready to part with certain items), so we put off finding proper places for them.
Right now, you have already made the decision to organize your garage. You are ready for change. So capitalize on that mental momentum and grab three bins. It’s time to let go of what you don’t need and can no longer store.
Designate Three Bins: Recycle
Pro tip: If you’ve cleared out your garage in the process of assessing and sorting, now is the perfect time to sweep the floors, paint the walls, or do any other cleaning that’s difficult when it’s full.

Step 3: Proper Placement

Now that you’ve thrown away or recycled what you don’t need and you've given away the things you can part with, you’re left with everything that needs a designated spot in your garage. So, let’s consider accessibility.
Think about the items you use most often. These things should go in an area that’s easy to access. For example, bulk home items like extra paper towels, cleaning supplies, beverages. etc., should be placed near the entrance to the home. It might be worth investing in a small shelving unit for these things. Trash and recycling cans should be easy to access from the home and should also have a clear pathway out.
Also think about the things you don’t want to be readily accessible. For instance, if you have small children around, you may want to consider placing power tools or other potentially dangerous items within a lockable storage cabinet.

Step 4: Think Vertical

When it comes to making space, don’t forget to think vertical! Bins and seasonal items that you only need once or twice a year can go up high in ceiling storage or wall shelves. If you do use a ceiling storage unit for things you don’t need all the time, be sure to group similar items together. Also, label each box or bin to save yourself the hassle of rummaging through all of them in pursuit of one specific item later on.
Another way to make use of your vertical space is by using a wall track system. Many track systems have a lot of attachment options like shelves, heavy duty baskets, and simple brackets that work well for shovels and rakes. These systems are also great for sports equipment.
Get as much as possible up off the ground when you want to organize your garage. This will help create a neat and tidy space.

Step 5: Get Started and Organize Your Garage

It’s easy to let this area of our homes slip, but if you want to organize your garage—there’s no better time to get started than now! Follow these steps and you’ll have your car back inside of your garage in no time.
Pro tip: If you’re running out of space and you think your garage is the only choice you have for storing excess, consider a small storage unit for items you don’t need day-to-day. Holiday decor, documents, unused heirlooms, can be stowed in a storage unit at an affordable cost!