Renting a Storage Unit Can Help You Declutter Your Life

Storage Basics

January 6th, 2022

Can you feel the buzz in the air? People all over the world are setting goals, gaining momentum, and embarking on resolutions to make themselves healthier and happier this year. This time of year, many people set goals around decluttering and organizing their home. It’s a way of creating a fresh start in your environment, which could help you meet other goals for your physical and mental health. So, how does renting a storage unit help with decluttering? Let us tell you.
Here are five reasons renting a storage unit will help you clear out the clutter.

Records Storage

Ask any lawyer or accountant, and they will tell you there are some papers that it’s absolutely critical that you keep—sometimes indefinitely. Medical bills, bank statements, and tax returns are just a few categories that are known to be needed when you least expect it—and often years from when they were first generated. Keeping your files at an off-site location could help in case there is a fire or emergency in your own home.
Storage units come in all sizes, including small ones that could house a few filing cabinets, or file boxes. But just because you’re storing your essential files remotely doesn’t mean you should allow your storage unit to become messy. Develop a filing system, and commit to filing papers once a month in your storage unit.

Saving Special Mementos

We all have those special mementos we treasure and want to pass down to our children and grandchildren. However, they may no longer “fit” in your home for many reasons. Or perhaps you have boxes of family photos from your grandparents, parents and your own photos. These priceless memories can take up a lot of space. Renting a storage unit where you can preserve and protect your family history allows you to use the space in your home for living, not saving.

Seasonal Decor

If you love to decorate for a holiday, then renting a storage unit might be the perfect solution for decluttering your home. Storing seasonal decor can take up a lot of space that you could use for other things—a workout room, a movie room, or even a workshop for crafts or home projects.
Taking a little time to label and organize your boxes of decor will help you save yourself time and headaches when it’s time to trim the Christmas tree, set out the Easter decorations or spook up your neighborhood for Halloween.

Items to Sell

As you declutter your home, you will inevitably begin stockpiling items you want to sell. Depending on the item, it could be more advantageous to sell at a yard sale in the spring, or sell your summer pool toys on Facebook Marketplace in the summer. What do you do until then? Use a storage unit to hold your sellable items until the time is right to place them up for sale.
In some communities, it’s not unheard of to have a “neighborhood yard sale” where the entire neighborhood is invited to participate with their own yard sale on a set date each spring and fall.
Before storing the items you wish to sell, give them a wipe down and a clean up—that will make it even easier to have them ready when it’s time to sell.

Furniture You Love

For many families, they may switch out furniture according to the stage of life they’re in. For example, parents with toddlers may not want their white leather sofas covered in markers by their two-year-olds. However, they DON’T want to get rid of their sofas . . . at least not yet. That’s when renting a storage unit can help. If you have furniture you love, but you’re not using it right now, and it’s taking up valuable space, renting a storage unit may be the right solution.

Renting a Storage Unit is Healthy

Whatever it is you can’t part with or shouldn’t throw out right now, renting a storage unit to help you declutter your home is a legitimate option to creating more space for living in your home. This additional space and the order obtained from decluttering is known to improve mental and physical health.
As you start this new year, take a look around at your living space. Is it ordered the way you’d like it to be? If you need a storage solution for any items you’re removing from your home, we invite you to visit one of our convenient locations, and find the size storage unit you need.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.