Renting Storage Space During Home Renovations

Storage Basics

March 14th, 2023

If you’ve got home renovations in your spring or summer plans, then renting storage space would surely help keep you sane and organized.
If you’ve never done a home renovation, here’s a clue: Renovations feel a lot like moving to another house. There are plans to create, contractors to hire, schedules to keep, items to pack, and a complete web of logistics for how the process will flow. Renting storage space could alleviate a lot of the home renovation headache.

Home Renovations are Chaotic

Home renovations can be quite stressful and chaotic as workers come in and out the house, and supplies and building materials get piled here and there in the workspace. While many contractors try to keep a tidy workspace, inevitably, tools and materials will start creeping into other areas of the house. It can be quite difficult to work around a table saw when it sits squarely in the middle of your kitchen.
Due to the messy and disruptive nature of home renovations, it’s a good idea to find a short-term storage solution for housing your furniture, appliances, lamps, decorative items, etc, for anything that will be displaced during the work.

Why Rent Storage Space During Your Next Home Reno

Have you seen a construction site lately? There are supplies, tools, and materials stacked around the job site for easy access. Depending on the type of your home renovation, there could be framing going on, or sheetrock going up, or even floor joists stabilized.
All of this work creates dust — dust that not many of us are interested in cleaning out of the crevices of furniture or collectibles. Plus, moving equipment and materials through a room that has remained furnished, or that has items pushed to the side could result in accidental knocks and scrapes that damage your belongings.
More importantly, there must be room for contractors to move around, swing hammers, saw lumber, and lay out wiring or lighting plans. Working in a cramped space often slows down the schedule because workers have to maneuver around furnishings. Sometimes a cramped space requires workers to find additional workspaces inside or outside the home like the driveway, garage or dining room.
To lessen chaos and project creep, rent storage space that will house your belongings securely for the length of the home renovation project.

Renting Storage Space is a Game-Changer

Imagine that you could keep an orderly home while your home is being renovated. Imagine reducing stress and disruption to minimal levels. When you make renting storage space your first step in your home renovation project, you set yourself up — and your contractors — to remain focused and efficient during the project.
First, you’ll want to consider the size storage unit you’ll need. This could be a large storage unit if you’re renovating a master suite. Or, it could be a smaller storage unit, if you’re renovating a dining room or living area. Use the Alamo Mini-Storage calculator to determine the size you’ll need.
Once you’ve identified the size you’ll need to house your furnishings, you’ll need to decide how long you’ll need to rent the storage unit. Think about the timeline of your project. Will it last for one month, three months, six months? It’s a good idea to pad your timeline a little bit to account for any delays in the home renovation schedule. If a project is to take eight weeks, consider renting for three months, to insure that you won’t have to move items back into your home before the work is complete.
During the renovation process, drop by from time to time and check in on your belongings that are in storage. This will help you keep an eye out for any leaks from appliances, and to make sure boxes haven’t caved and fallen from the weight of its contents.
When the home renovation project is finished, you’ll be able to set your furniture and belongings into a nice, clean-slate of a room.
In many ways, renting storage space during home renovations can create a stress-free and orderly workspace for yourself and your contractors. If you’re interested in a short-term rental space solution, give us a call or drop by a location nearest you.