Tips and Tricks for Storing Holiday Decorations

Storage Basics

October 9th, 2023

Holidays come and go, and so do the decorations! Walk through any home store, and you will see that seasonal décor has increased drastically in scale. Decorations that can quickly or easily be packed away in your closet or garage now compete for storage space with 48-inch light-up ornaments.

So, when you pack up your 12-foot skeleton, 15-foot inflatable Santa sleigh, or life-sized nativity, don’t forget that a storage unit is a fantastic solution for those once-a-year items. We have developed several tips and tricks to help you prepare for storing these cherished keepsakes.

1. Choose the Right Storage Unit Before anything else, it's essential to pick a storage unit that suits your needs. Consider how much you need to store to find the right-sized unit. If your decorations are sensitive to temperature or humidity, consider a climate-controlled unit to protect your items from extreme temperature fluctuations.

2. Invest in Shelving Using sturdy shelves in your storage unit can make a world of difference. They help you utilize vertical space and keep your decorations organized and easily accessible.

3. Organize by Holiday If you celebrate multiple holidays throughout the year, it's a good idea to label boxes by holiday names like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and so on. You can also purchase bins in colors for each season. Orange is Halloween and Fall. Red and green are Christmas. Red is Valentine’s Day, etc. This way, you can quickly grab the right boxes when the next holiday season rolls around.

4. Use The Right Containers Plastic containers with tight-fitting lids are perfect for storing holiday decorations as they offer protection against dust, moisture, and pests.

5. Wrap Fragile Items Bubble wrap, tissue paper, or old newspaper can wrap delicate items like glass ornaments or ceramic figurines. This added layer of protection ensures that they remain undamaged.

6. Keep Lights Tangle-Free Wrap string lights around cardboard pieces or invest in light storage reels. This simple step prevents the nightmare of untangling them the following year. Cost savings tip – an empty paper towel roll is perfect for this task.

7. Avoid Overpacking While cramming everything into a single box might be tempting, this can damage your decorations. Distribute items evenly and place boxes with fragile items on the top of the box pile.

8. Document Everything Keeping an inventory of what's inside each box can save you from rummaging through all of them when looking for something specific. Pro tip: laminate the list and tape it to the outside of the box for easy identification!

9. Store Large Items Vertically Items like artificial Christmas trees or larger yard decorations can be stored vertically to save floor space. Secure them properly so they don’t tip over.

10. Regularly Check for Pests While a good storage unit should be sealed and pest-free, it's still wise to periodically check for signs of pests. Adding mothballs or cedar blocks can deter insects and rodents.

Storing your holiday decorations in a storage unit can free up space in your home and keep your festive items pristine. By following these tips, you'll ensure that unpacking them the following year will be as joyful as the holiday season itself!

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